Excel Purchase Order

Excel is the most widely used spreadsheet software, followed by OpenOffice Calc and Google Sheets Online Docs. Excel is great for creating a purchase order from scratch, or by using a template, either from the free template gallery offered by Microsoft, or from an independent source which can be free or paid for.


Microsoft Office and Excel have numerous templates online at the Office templates & themes website. A search for "purchase order" doesn't give any results.

There are however many templates available for invoices and receipts, which have a lot of items in common with purchase orders.

Below is an example of an invoice template that can be downloaded from the Office templates website:

Excel Invoice Template Download


This template can be used as the base for creating a purchase order template with just a few edits.

Download the invoice template from the website and save it with a suitable file name in a folder on your hard disk or network drive, where you will be able to easily locate it. 

Edit the template to change references to Invoice number to Purchase Order Number. Instead of Bill To change it to just To or Supplier. It may be necessary to remove data validation and merge cells for the title to change it from Invoice to Purchase Order if you are using the example template referenced here.

Example invoice to purchase order template edit

Another method of getting a purchase order template for Excel is to go to the OpenOffice Templates website and download one of the many purchase order templates available. Use OpenOffice Calc to save the template as an Excel document, and then simply edit in Excel as usual. There may be some compatibility issues that will need to be checked, but it a good method of getting a purchase order template for Excel.