OpenOffice Purchase Order

OpenOffice, from Apache, is a free Office suite of software that is widely used and has a spreadsheet program called Calc, similar to Excel and and Google Sheets. OpenOffice Calc can be used to create a purchase order from scratch, or from a template. Purchase Order Templates for OpenOffice are available free from it's own Templates gallery, or they can be found from other, independent sources,  either as free downloads or paid downloads.


The main free templates website for OpenOffice is at and by doing a search for "purchase order" a number of specific templates will appear in the search results, as can be seen in the screen shot below. There are some 78 purchase order templates available at the time of review.

OpenOffice Purchase Order Template search

Simply download the purchase order template required to a suitable location on your hard disk or network drive, rename it and then use it to create new documents, or edit it further to fit in with the company house style.

Excel doesn't appear to have any dedicated purchase order templates at the current time, and thus it would be possible to use one of the OpenOffice templates. Save the template as usual and open it in OpenOffice Calc. Then save as in Excel format and then Open in Excel. There may be some warnings and items to change due to compatibility issues, but it will work.